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10 Dec 2013


The far 1998. Disco club in the center of the town. Two young man enter the club with a “Kalashnikov”. A panic attack starts in the dark place. One of the staff presses the panic button and patrols from Delta-kom arrive. After some interrogations of the eye-witnesses, the patrols discovered the intruders, which...

09 Dec 2013

Borba News about us again

Security guard arrested a robber from a small hole in a shop Our employee Zahary Avramov arrested a robber, who he found exiting from a small hole in a shop wall. The whole article in Bulgarian read in: Borba Newspaper.

19 Oct 2013

Perfume or money safe

This story is not as so funny, as instructive. One night we received a signal for security breach. Our team got there right away. They found out that someone indeed has entered the premises. The interesting part was that we door was unlocked with a key. The owners reported a robbery of their...

17 Sep 2013

20 years with the moto "Propriety"

20 years with the moto "Propriety" "Delta-kom" Ltd. earns the trust of 3500 customers Borba News intertviews the CEO of "Delta-kom" Ltd - Boris Popov. He explains more about his life, the difficulties and obstacles the company had to face during these years. He even reveal the secret to the success of the...

11 Aug 2013

Space signals?

As said in section "About", we don't use IDs to refer to our customers, instead we use names. So we had one named "Space". As a whole, we didn't have much problems with it and it has not been on our daily schedule for a long time. But one night we received a...