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11 Aug 2013

Space signals?

As said in section "About", we don't use IDs to refer to our customers, instead we use names. So we had one named "Space". As a whole, we didn't have much problems with it and it has not been on our daily schedule for a long time. But one night we received a signal from there. The college from the control center notified the patrol immediately:
- I receive signals from "Space"!
But the college from the patrol caught right there the ambiguity of this sentense and decided to make a little joke with the college from the control center.
- Sorry, I couldn't hear you well? - he asked
- From "Space"! I receive signals from "Space"! - she replied
This went on for about 3-4 minutes until the college from the control center finally realized what she actually said.

In the mean time, while doing this, our patrol has already been to the right place and saw that there was no need for worries...