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10 Jan 2014

Saved life

2001, A grocery store in Triagalnika district. The Control Center receives signal for intrusion. A patrol arrives at the place and sees the glass of the front foor broken from the down side. In the store they see a yound woman, which waves at them for “Hi.” After that she enters the back room of the store. The time is 1:00h in the night and the patrol does not recognize the woman. They enter the store through the broken glass and go to the back room to see the yound woman on the floor convulsing. From the right boot they see streaming blood. She appears to have cut her leg while breaking the glass. They quickly bandage her leg and get her out of the store. In the mean time, outside happens to be a police car, which has notices the quickly driving patrol of Delta-kom and drove after it. They take the woman to the hospital, which luckily was only 500 meters away. Later the doctors say that the woman has abused drugs and this is the reason for her condition.