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19 Oct 2013

Perfume or money safe

This story is not as so funny, as instructive.
One night we received a signal for security breach. Our team got there right away. They found out that someone indeed has entered the premises. The interesting part was that we door was unlocked with a key. The owners reported a robbery of their money, which were in a safe, but there were no holes on the wall or on the floor, there was no evidence that there was even a safe.
Afterwards we understood that the so called "safe" was actually a metal box of a perfume, that even a little child can put under his jacket. There was a similar case, but the "safe" was a box of chocolates.
You can easily understand that we can't protect your money and valuables, if they are TOO EASY to access. It is also impossible to protect you from your own staff - you choose your people yourself
Advice for a sound sleep from us:
1. Important and expensive belongings keep in mounted to the wall/floor safe.
2. Choose wisely the people you trust and give keys to. 95% of the robberies are done by an inside man!