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10 Dec 2013


The far 1998. Disco club in the center of the town. Two young man enter the club with a “Kalashnikov”. A panic attack starts in the dark place. One of the staff presses the panic button and patrols from Delta-kom arrive. After some interrogations of the eye-witnesses, the patrols discovered the intruders, which in that point of time have no gun in them. The two young men fiercefully deny to have any gun in them. The Police is being called. After the police arrives, the two yound men continue to deny about the gun. The eye of one of our employees is caught intuitively by the isolated heating pipes, attached to the ceiling. He starts to search there and finds the gun. After that the police established that this was a training weapon, which can’t fire shots. The gun was taken from the Bulgarian organization – OSO (Organization for defence help). The two young men were cadets there and decided to impress the audience in the club. In the darkness no one saw, that the weapon can’t fire shots and the panic was ubiquitous. The two men were taken to the Police Station.