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01 Apr 2014

Frozen chickens

2006. Grocery store in the center of Veliko Turnovo. In 22:00h when closing the store, the cashier has the imprudence of leaving in the freezer (type dower-chest) a plastic bag with 3000 leva in it. The freezer is situated near the store’s window. Probably this action was seen by some people, who 2 hours later break into the store. The patrol of our company arrives quickly at the premises and finds the door of the entrance open and the door of the freezer also open. In the freezer they find frozen chickens. The owner of the store is called as well as the Police Office. After the correspinding view of the store it turns out that the burglars have mistaken the freezer, because there are two of them. The money were in the other freezer and only the quick reaction of our team has prevented the opening of the second one. In this way the owner was rescued from the theft of serious amount of money.