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21 Nov 2012


2012. A disco club in the center of Veliko Turnovo. The control center receives a panic button signal to which two cars react. The case appears to be very serious - two companies are arguing, one person leaves the club and returns shortly with a tank full of petrol. He starts to pour it over everybody who stands on his way, including the staff. The selfpreservation instinct starts to work and everybody jumps over the executor. An unseen chaos comes to the dark club. In this time the patrols from Delta-kom have arrived. In their words, opening the door they start to throw one by one everybody from the club and try to manage the situation. Police teams arrive. The people guilty for the situation are taken into the Police Station and following actions have been taken.
I leave the reader to imagine what would have happened in the underground club, if the man had succeeded in setting on fire to all these people...